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When you spend a fortune on accessories you want to be able to wear it from time to time. You don't want to be afraid of wearing your jewels too often because you are afraid that it will tarnish, break or other mishaps that could or might potentially happen to your precious jewelries.

What to do? Well, there are ways we can keep a long lasting relationship with your jewelries and that doesn't mean you have to keep your jewelries in the safe or jewelry box. Small daily routine things we can do can help make your jewelry last.

What is 925? I have jewelry labeled with .925

All about silver

What is .925? It means that in 100 grams of silver there is 7.25 grams of other metals, this other metal can be nickel or copper. Why does it have to mix with other metals? Fine silver in its own form (99.9% purity) is too soft to be used in jewelry because it breaks easily. The silver jewelry that you can commonly find is labeled as .925 silver, which is also known as sterling silver.

Trend of Silver: Due to the whiteness and shiny luster in silver, silver is a very popular choice of medium...

Saving Tarnished 925 Silver

 STERLING SILVER (.925 Silver)

So why does sterling silver tarnish?

When sterling silver exposed to the air – the atmospheric pollution causes a chemical reaction that causes sterling silver tarnish. This chemical reaction is known as silver sulfate. Despite the piece of jewellery turning brown and losing it’s shine. Sterling silver is quite popular due to low-cost, affordability, ease for jewellery makers to design and it is extremely fashionable.

So what to do when the sterling silver tarnish?

The available methods works!

  •  Soak it in baking soda with water and then taking it out after a day and...

Real Pearls or Not? Pearls Information

Telling Apart Natural and Imitation Pearls

Recently bought a piece of pearls jewellery? Or wanting to buy pearls jewellery? How can I tell if it is authentic pearls or imitation pearls?

Actually it is very simple to test if the piece of pearls in front of you is real or not, listed below are some series of simple steps to test if the pearls are real or not:


  • Two two pearls and then lightly rub it against each other. If the pearls feel sandy, gritty, just like rubbing sands together then they are real pearls. However if you rub two...