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Real Pearls or Not? Pearls Information

Telling Apart Natural and Imitation Pearls

Recently bought a piece of pearls jewellery? Or wanting to buy pearls jewellery? How can I tell if it is authentic pearls or imitation pearls?

Actually it is very simple to test if the piece of pearls in front of you is real or not, listed below are some series of simple steps to test if the pearls are real or not:


  • Two two pearls and then lightly rub it against each other. If the pearls feel sandy, gritty, just like rubbing sands together then they are real pearls. However if you rub two piece of pearls together and they have no frictions then it is likely that they are fake.
Using Your Teethes:
  • Rub the pearls light against your teethes  if you feel like you are rubbing against sand, and it feels gritty, then they are indeed real pearls. If there is very little or limited frictions felt, then they are unlikely to be real.
Surface Observation:
  • Using a magnifier, examine the surface of the pearls. If all the pearls looks flawless, perfect rounded shaped and every single pearls is the same colour, size, flawless luxurious skin then it is probably fake. It is extremely hard and rare to find flawless, round and vibrant pearls (if you have that, then it is considered very expensive). As well, it is hard to find a whole set of pearls that look exactly the same, because each authentic pearl came from different mussel, or shelled mollusk.

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